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Iditarod Race Adventures

An unforgettable way to view the Last Great Race!

The ‘Last Great Race’ starts in Anchorage, finishes in Nome, and is the last great race! This historic race, full of thrills and adventure, winds its way over 1,000 miles through the old trade, dog sled trade routes and ghost towns of remote Alaska.

The Iditarod is unique as it is one of the only races that allows its visitors to get up close and personal with the races and the event itself, also allowing for interaction and participation in the form of helping with the race, like bedding the dogs, feeding them and helping the racers through the checkpoints.

Since 1994, Alaska Bush Safari Co. has been the premier leader in Both Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race tours as well as exclusive Alaskan Adventure tours. We use ski equipped bush planes to take you out along the trail following the racers and stopping at the checkpoints to watch up close as it is happening all around you.

Our tours, truly classic safari type expeditions follow the pace of the sled dog race while still allowing the guest to get the feel and detailed charm of the people that make up remote Alaska.

While on an Iditarod adventure with Alaska Bush Safari Co. tour, you will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities like the hands on experience of mushing your own dog sled, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, driving your own snow machine, er… I mean snow mobile for the ‘chechakos’… and try your hand at some ice fishing too!

You get to meet rural Alaskan residents such as Eskimo village residents, artists and the subsistence lifestyle that is quickly vanishing.

And of course flight seeing everyday from your private plane!

Iditarod Race Tours

Our tours of the 'Last Great Race' include a 4 day 3 nights 'starter’s tour'.

Imagine yourself at the ceremonial start in Anchorage... see the start of the race, ride the trail on a snow machine, fly-out on a ski equipped bush plane to check points to watch the racers, learn about the racers and the dogs, try your hand and mush a real team for yourself! We encourage our guests to become 'volunteers' and help behind the scenes of the race, to truly make this the trip of a lifetime!

These are just a few of the highlights of the trip.

This tour is 4 days and begins and ends in Anchorage.
Contact us for a full, detailed itinerary.
Available the first Saturday of each March at $4,200.00 per person.

The adventure race tour, same as the starer's tourt, but we continue on, staying at inns and wilderness lodge,enjoying the best Alaska has to offer!

Touring villages, keeping pace with the racers, stopping along the way, helping out at check points. You will see a side of Alaska that few people ever see. Fly past Mt. McKinley, mush a dog team, drive a snow machine, soak in saunas and hot tubs and enjoy the Northern Lights, learn about the winter subsistence lifestyle of remote Alaskans, watch as the winners cross the finish line in Nome, have fresh ‘off the boat' King Crab, see some of the villages around Nome and talk to the elders and see the crafts and native artwork made by the local artisans (even purchase some to take home!) and then fly back to Anchorage on Alaska Airlines to finish your trip! Plus many, many more things as well!

This tour is 12 days/11 nights beginning in Anchorage.
Available starting the first Saturday of each March, for the start of the Iditarod race!
Contact us for a full, detailed itinerary.
$10,900.00 per person.

The winner's circle tour is just that.
(Space limited, dependent on other tours)
Fly Alaska Airlines to Nome and join us for this 3 day tour, for the finish of this amazing race. Watch as the winner comes down main street to cross the finish line.
Fly-out to check points to see the progress of the musher’s, fly to surrounding villages and drive a snow machine, mush your own sled dog team, eat fresh King Crab, etc.

This tour is 3 days/2nights beginning in Anchorage.
Contact us for a full, detailed itinerary.
Available mid – March, at $4,400.00 per person.

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